David Icke at Oxford 2008 – Mind Control & New World Order

David Icke

Mind Control & New World Order

..I’m not here to get You to believe anything, just to say there is another way of looking at this thing called “Life” and world events..

  • Gandhi said:

“Even if you are in minority of one, the Truth is still the Truth”

The Truth is not something You believe, the Truth is something that is, and it’s Your relationship to it that is the decision we make..

It’s interesting that if You want to suppress someone’s sense of what’s possible – all You need to do overwhelmingly is to suppress the Information they receive about what is possible. Who controls information, controls our sense of possibillity.

The World seems so utterly confusing and complex, and the reason it seems so bewildering and confusing is because we lack the level of information in the mainstream – where most people get their information from, to understand what’s going on and how the parts fit together.

World events overwhelmingly – the major once that change Society and move us in a certain direction are not by accident, but by the design. Within that coldly calculated changes in Society, which in now becoming daily so ovcious to take the power over the Global States – because that’s what they want and that’s what they’re flying towards by the day, in the hand of ludicrously few people.

The World is not just a little bit not like we thought it was – it’s nothing like we thought it was.

If You get to close to something, You can get so caught up in it that You lose perspective. I said if You:

“Take a deep breth, take step back and – look at it again”

David Icke

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