David Icke Interview on Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told (Archons)

Source: Ancient Origins

David Icke Interview on Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told


  • What I found fascinating in my research over these last nearly thirty Years is how when You look at what Ancients were saying, they actually just saying in their own language what we’re finding now.

What I found compiling myself about the Nag Hammadi Library the Gnostics were not a Race, they were basically a belief system. And whenever the Gnostics found an Area in which they could settle and speak thei Truth and circulate their version of Reality – the Roman Church was in there usually with Violence to put an End to it..

It was the Gnostics that belief System that ran the Great ( Royal ) Lilbrary of Alexandria, that great depository of vast numbers of Ancient texts and Scrolls giving us a detailed understanding of how the Ancients percieved the World and another version of History.

  • And that was destroyed because information is vital, because if You’re going to control the People – You have to control the information they receive.

What governs People’s Behavior it’s their Perceptions, and if You control of Perception – You control the person. Controling Perception of Humanity You control the World, this is the Game. And Religion is fantastic Way, I call it Greatest Form of Mind Control ever invented to dictate Perception by dictating what People have to believe…

What’s happening Today is quick aside but very important is instead of having Religious Armies going in to Silence People, they have Google and Facebook and YouTube that now using the Algorithms to stop People seeing Information that’s challenging the norm.

  • Just look through History whether it’s Ancients or whether is now – the Themes of what happend are exactly the same:

Control Information, You croaked the Perception – control Perception and You control the Person and the World Globally.

One fifth of Gnostics writings referred to a non Human Force which they called the Archons (or Rulers) in their language, and how this Archontic Force was the Creator of this Reality that we call the World.