David Icke – The Archons and Gnostic’s belief

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The Archons and Gnostic’s belief

  • When I go arround differend Ancient beliefs and explanations of what’s happening and, You find that althrough they’re using different names that’s telling the same story.

There was a group of people, or so we way a belief system which goes back hundreds of years, and has become known as Gnostic. These was the belief system of people that ran the Great Library of Alexandria, with Hypatia who was slaughtered by a mob inspired by the Roman Church, because that library carried information and knowledge that would have – as it circulated, demolish the Roman Church’s version of everything.

  • What’s interesting is wherever You come across the Gnostics belief system expressing itself, You see it’s followed by slaughter, suppression and the desctruction of that knowledge.

The Catars in Southern France were Gnostics in terms of their belief system, and again all these people that killed for the Church destroyed the Cathars. It’s I think 1244 was it, the last stand on mountain fortress of Montsegur in southern France.

  • And again – it’s not just be slaughtered, but they destroyed their Knowledge.

But a fantastic thing happend in 1954, when a sealed jar of Gnosthics writings was found by a peasent in Egypt. They described much of the Gnostic belief system, and the Key in my interest is – they were telling a very different version of the Christian story and key thing for me was around the fifth of these texts were about a Phenomenon they called The Archons.

The Archons were a manipulative force that operated outside of human sight, that was basically energetic form rather then what we call a physical form, but it could manifest as physical form through holographic projections. Those writinigs even talk on their own way about the illusory nature of this reality.

What these writings said is that this reality that we’re experiencing was not created by some divine force, but it was created by the Archons, and it was a fake reality. They manipulated by accessing the Human psyche and manipulating humans perception of reality.

  • They said about the Arcnons that they lacked the ability to express the creative force. I would put it like this:

If You gave them a blank sheet of paper, and said create something they could do it. But, what some the Gnostic writing say is they’re experts at taking something that already exists – like the Reality and twist it, they piggyback something already created and twist it.

  • Something else they said the Archons parasite off everything – they parasite of Human society in many different forms, and I read this stuff and I’m gone:

“Wow, this is my own Books over the Years found in a jar in Egypt”