David Icke Agenda 21 – Blueprint For Global Control

David Icke Agenda 21 | Blueprint For Global Control

  • Big Brother global society

If few gonna control the many, they have to centralize decision-making. Because the more points a decision making they are, the more diversity decision making the less control You can add over those decisions.

They want a structure with a world government that would dictate to every conutry in the world. They want a one world currency – electronic money, no cash. They want one world army which would impose the vill of the world goverment on any country didn’t want to accept it on a microchip population connected to global computer and the global positioning satellite system.

They want the Super States get into this and they want to break nation-states up into regions to de-unify any unified response to the power above.
Once we realized what outcome they want, we can start to read the world and world events in a very different way..

Source: David Icke