World Wide Web of Censorship – Licence for the Internet

Source: Perisa Reljic “AnArch”, first appear on November 10th , 2015

World Wide Web of Censorship

  • One of the primary goals United Nations “Agenda 2030” is Censorship of Freedom of speech
  • In attempt to “strengthen the awareness of members of sincerity” Chinese authorities preparing introduction of special permits for the – Internet.
  • The new legislation provides for the introduction of so-called “credibility” for all Internet users, based on their behavior on social networks.

Licence for the Internet

Unique identification number – modeled on the ID number of the ID card will facilitate “sanction” (politically) undesirable thinking simple disconnection of the user from the Internet. License for the Internet was designed on the model of a driver’s license and a system of negative points. The so-called violations of the access to the Internet will be more applications “politically incorrect” posts and articles, as well as comments made on social networks.

Censorship, which at first glance can be attributed communist model, only a beta testing for global “Gulag Archipelago” of New World Order. Invitation to the introduction of a single license for each internet user the proposal of the UN “International telcommunication Union” with the Davos Forum 2010.

The brilliant idea of ​​the global think tank censorship is unique “markings” of potential targets – people who write, publish and comment on the Internet. Personal user data will be linked to their behavior on social networks, and with a history of searches and visited websites.

To obtain real time tracking of users, nessesery for Internet Censorship, “Big Brother” does numerous onaline “false flags”. The abuse of innate human need for security agencies have the deed of hacker attacks that are attributed largely anonymous. Problem alleged threat data should cause a “reaction” to the public already saved “solution” to the problem.

The September UN General Assembly last year, British Prime Minister David Cameron has used to push the agenda of censorship one step further. His announcement that he will bring into question the veracity of the official version of the terrorist act considered ak terrorism, gives the answer to “Cui Bono” censorship.

Prevention of presenting the truth about falsified terrorist attacks will give globalists a monopoly on Truth. Under the guise of security on the Internet and preventing “hate speech”, will prevent any dissenting opinion other than that presented by the official institutions of the state and / or global “Gulag Archipelago” regime.

Suppression of freedom of speech on a global scale is one of the primary objectives of Agenda 2030 UN. The September presentation of “Agenda 21 on steroids,” the UN has brought a new term – digital citizenship (digital citizenship). Transnational UN agencies towards the Electronic Frontier Foundation (CDA 230) the role of global internet Inquisition.

How many things have gone far testify censoring anti-migrant posts on social networks, primarily on facebook. A fact that should not be surprising given that Anette Kahane – the former “Stasi” East German agent, assigned to help the German government censorship of Facebook.

  • Collectivism as the core of a new world order excludes an individual’s right to freedom of opinion and speech. Agenda 2030 UN plan totalitarian control of all resources, including human – together with the right to an opinion.

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