Radio Mysterium: Trauma Based Truth Control

Source: Radio Mysterium

Trauma Based Truth Control

  • Could our own curiosity and desire for understanding esoteric truth and government conspiracies keep us in an enclosed feedback loop ?

Do You have enough love and laughter and Joy in Your Life to contrabalance the dark malevolent information Your uncover ? What if You’re courageous journey was being hijacked and subverted by the very control system You Oppose ?

  • Hey, we wouldn’t be “conspiracy theorists” without asking the Question.

What if like the movie “The Matrix” implies we are being used for one of these – a Human battery ? Could we unkowingly fueling and empowering our own enslavment ?

Are we using our magical power of creativity and imagination to essentially create their reality ?

Don’t be afraid to dig deep to find the Truth, to uncover corruption but You have to find the Way to balance this energy and change the channel when it becomes too much to bear. We need friendship and camaradeire and small groups working together without any kind of formality.

We have to be for something, not just against it. So, whatever Your pet project is do something to contribute toward the Solution.

What You fight – You become.

Source: Radio Mysterium