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Facebook is DARPA Project – A.I. Censorship as the “fight against hate speech”

Source: Perisa Reljic “AnArch”, first appear on June 02, 2016

  • Facebook has finally decided to introduce a new public (AI) artificial intelligence system that has long been tested against its users.
  • According to representatives of the company, Facebook will be able to “understand” all the posts and messages of its users using the system of artificial intelligence “Deep Text”.

DARPA – Censorship as the “fight against hate speech”

Business Insider said that facebook using the system “Deep Text” will be able to process over 10,000 announcements and messages per second, and in more than 20 languages. That abuse of trust and customer data is becoming a trademark, it was announced in early April this year when he admitted using facebook artificial intelligence ‘for better sorting photos “.

As a major and responsible for insertion of artificial intelligence to the US social network mentions Regina Dugan. The former head of the military agency DARPA is after the successful insertion of artificial intelligence at Google – where he led a laboratory for advanced technology and projects moved to a similar position of Facebook.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is an agency of the US Department of Defense (US DoD), responsible for the development of military technology. Internet as we now know it was created by DARPA project “ARPANET”, and one of the achievements of global espionage and GPS tracking system.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also monstrous child of DARPA, whose former boss Regina Dugan owe its application to social networks.

The infamous DARPA on its website does not hide that it is a primary objective of “developing advanced technologies for national security.” One method for “US security” is the collection, processing and manipulation of info, and the best way for the implementation of the administration of social networks.

Pilot testing DARPA artificial intelligence system to handle large amounts of data on social networks done at Stanford University. The four-year project funded with $ 5.6 million was the product of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, with the aim of “real time” control of communication in social networks.

Presented to the public facebook “Deep Text” is part of the system DEFT (Deep Exploration and Filtering of Text), developed by the US Department of Defense (US DoD). DEFT purpose of the system is a “real time” data collection and processing large amounts of data, and automatically extract relevant operational information. Deep natural language processing (NLP: deep natural-language processing) is responsible for the efficient ‘processing and filtering “text information.

Using artificial intelligence “Deep Text” on social networks by the term ‘processing and filtering “text information brings perfect and invisible system of censorship.

Facebook is the use of artificial intelligence to justify “repairing the user experience”, by (virtual) world rid of negative comments, announcements and messages. Theoretically, kindhearted Facebook to its users rid of unwanted comments, but in practice, “Deep Text” will be in real time to remove all of what the system wants to hide.

Campaign of “together against hate speech” by the joint forces launched Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter is responsible to prevent disclosure to the public of each different attitude than the one dictated by the system. The so-called “code of conduct” of the European Commission signed by the American social network, under the guise of “hate speech” eliminates from social networks facts and opinions that do not correspond to the official version of events.

Companies Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft have committed themselves by signing the Code review, sign and “filtering” of all posts, comments, or communications on their platforms within 24 hours.

By law, the Brussels bureaucracy from 2008, the so-called “code of conduct” prevents disclosure of attitudes which are directed against “a group of persons or members of certain reference, on race, color, religion, heritage and national or ethnic origin”. Facebook censorship that is anti-migrant posts started back in September last year, is now added to their arsenal and artificial intelligence agency DARPA (Deep Text).

No matter how “together against hate speech” sounds good in theory, practical application of the “code of conduct” is presenting to the public crimes, rapes, robberies and murders committed by illegal migration. A brilliant idea AI Deep Text is “filtering” of information that can not fit into the mainstream globalist propaganda machine of the media.
Illegal migrants raped children – Censorship: politically incorrect (Deep Text)

  • To eliminate the last vestiges of freedom of speech and freedom of the Internet, made sure the bureaucracy of the European Union proposal for the introduction of ID use of the Internet. According to the final version of the document (COM 2016 288 final):

“Multitude of usernames and passwords represents a security risk, and therefore the purpose of easy identification predicts that Internet users get a letter of credit issued by the national authorities – based on biometric national identity cards or bank cards”

Translated into the language of ordinary citizens, adopted the final version of the law under which anyone who wants to use the internet in the near future will have to have permission to use the Internet – issued by a state authority, with all the biometric (unchanging) data inside.

  • Any activity on the Internet will thus be monitored 24/7, with the possible exclusion from access to the Internet because of “hate speech” – for which the charge “Deep Text” on social networks.

Facebook as the most numerous (virtual) country in the world dictator gets a worthy Gulag Archipelago “Agenda 21” (UN 2030).