Davos 2018: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and “sustainable living” in Globalist Gulag Archipelago

Source: Perisa Reljic “AnArch”, first appear on January 23th , 2018

  • This year’s ritual ceremony globalistic party elite and the Commissioner of the new world order is traditionally held in the Swiss village of Davos, from the 23rd to the 26th of January.
  • As topics of ritual in Davos announced are malignant products of globalisation: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid, the problem of human rights of gays in illegal migration and “sustainable living” in Globalist’s Gulag Archipelago.
  • Judging by the pace and all the smaller the resistance, the Agenda 21 of the United Nations and would subdue the networking world’s population wrap up before the deadline set for the year 2030.

Davos 2018: Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and “sustainable living” in Globalist Gulag Archipelago

Swiss village of Davos will traditionally this year from the 23rd to the 26th to host the now not-so-small group of 3.000 members of globalistic party elite and the Commissioner of the new world order. Among with the announced guests are nelaze the names of the bosses and the President leading 900 international corporations, in reality far more powerful than the President of the State and the Government presented to the public as “World leaders”.

Official working title of this year’s ritual in Davos is “creating a shared future in a broken world”, which by the way has become broken right activities in this room that announce the creation of a common – and certainly brighter future. Posing in front of the press and the so-called operating panels with benign subject matter are just a cover for the real Agenda, which is going to be a deal at meetings behind closed doors.

  • Among the subjects are artificial intelligence, smart grid, a new era of responsibility for personal data, internetactually, the problem of human rights of gays in illegal migration and, of course: “sustainable living” Agenda 2030.

Working panel titled “it’s time to improve farmers mistakes of the past century” under the mantle of producing sufficient quantities of calories for a growing world population brings a new way of growing food – of course with the help of macrobiotic digital technology. The meat will become a luxury, and those at the top of the pyramid the population as will hay and cattle’s (integral) nutrition and feeding. One of the novelties and so-called “data-based” decision making, these farmers will no longer decide when, what and where to sow, but all decisions for them to make – surprise: softwareartificial intelligence, in charge of optimizing and connecting consumers with food producers.

To justify the illegal wiretaps and interception of electronic communication of the world’s population is in charge of the panel working title “how to catch a criminal using only a millisecond audio recordings”. Citing primerprevaranta which is often during 2014-e defrauded the US Coast Guard (U.S. Coast Guard), Commissioners of globalisation with Carnegie University have developed softwarefor voice analysis, of course – based on artificial intelligence, which using a audio track can accurately determine the characteristics of speakers: height, weight, facial structure, age, socio-economic position, amount of income, even their mental and physical state. Let us note once again that there was only one millisecond (thousandth of a second) of the human voice analysis gathered from electronic communications.

  • On the sidelines of the subject matter of the ritual in Davos emphasised the statistic (Oxfam report) that is 82% of the world income last year went into the hands of the richest 1% – while half (3.7 billion) of the world’s population earned literally nothing.

Among the topics are found and “Ponzi’s Scheme,” a pyramid scam called the pension system. Issue title “three challenges for the preparation of the world for retirement” brings of course and saving three solutions to suckers who are all my lifeby paying insurance believe real existence that money. “lack of coverage were announced for” Pension Fund (Lack of coverage) will be determined by dividing the pension reform and work “teachings of personal finance” (Share the job of teaching people about personal finance).

Topic “seven issues that will shape the humanitarian Agenda in 2018” cloaked humanity brings the continuation of realization of the Kallergi plan and housing Evroope illegal migrants of Muslim countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. If you remember that Soros is taking the 18 billion dollars for settlement of 6 million.migrants in Europe – and that’s just for 2018-in a year, we can conclude that the idea behind Kallergi plan to create joint (pan-European) Government which will rule one “pan-European” people created by an interfering Europeans, Asians and Africans is not far from of realization.

Like a distinct topic of mass migration in Europe highlights the distinctive mantra Brussels “Gay-stapo” – human rights of gays in illegal migration, which is dedicated to the operating panel heratbreaking titled with “the forgotten two times: the untold story of LGBT refugees”.

The global elite in Davos celebrated the fourth industrial revolution, where in the realm of artificial intelligence robots for jobs are replaced by people – as soon as the workers overnight reform into Precarity, class of useless and redundant people.

“The term Precarity, is derived from the words” précaire “(unreliable) and the” proletariat now “and indicates the people with the lowest incomes, those who work less than a working day for seasonal work or in the informal sector. The position of these people does not allow them to secure their economic and social independence “

As a branch on the rise Davos Announces trade personal data of users of the Internet and social networks, which will assess the market valuefrom 1.000 billion euros (new era of data responsibility: Personal data value could reach 1 trillion euro by 2020). Global elites and political Commissioners of the new world order to announce the inclusion of artificial intelligence in Government, corporations and society psychological preparation of citizens for the spread of the expense of human extinction.

As one of the featured topic text appears “Can you A.I.prevent suicide? “, which through the heartrending story of 14-year-old from Miami, publicly admits to leading the world’s social networks use their customers as lab rats for testing artificial intelligence algorithm. Abuse is not only personal information but also your emoticons, webcam videos, photos, Virtual Assistants (siri, cortana) as well as a psychiatric screening-tests of users who perform secretly using artificial intelligence.

One such example is the search engine Google, which without the knowledge of the user runs an algorithm to detect depressive state (PHQ-9). A similar misuse of user found with facebook, which is supposedly for a live-stream of suicide has launched softwareartificial intelligence, which analyzes and profile the two billion people – without their knowledge.

Alert are code words of Agenda 21: “smart”, “5 g”, “A.I.” and “sustainable”

  • The new world order is designed as a system’s total control of the world’s population, realized by abuse of technology.

The key word of Agenda 21 (UN 2030) the word “Smart” – a term that indicates networking “smart” devices that communicate with each other – without the knowledge of the people who “use”. Technologically generated, but an invisible network of communication is freaky babe us military agency DARPA, for whose account the Agency 1999-year established company “In-Q-Tel, which is responsible for a pandemic of “smart” technology.

Globalist’s “Smart grid” Agenda is based on ditigalnim information and communication technologies in order to collect data not only on the supply and consumption of electric energy, but all areas of human life to the smallest detail. The alleged “sustainable living” is a totalitarian form of control of all areas of human life: from behavior on social networks, through the purchase of electronic money to the most intimate of medical records and the current status of human bodily organs suitable for “voluntary” donation to a foreign investor.

In his text for this year’s ritual in Davos, Vice President of Corporation Cisco Systems Inc.Maciej Kranz promotes that the so called “I.o.T.” (Internet of Things) to 2020 years will reach mainstream scale. Utopia presented as “world which are connected not only people, but also a things” clearly specifies the autonomous communication of “smart” devices (not needles to get to the engine, from the phone to the car) with 5 g technology allows continuous monitoring of all persons with RFID chip – from flat, through the workplace, transportation to the health care system, where medical workers have 24/7 available most intimate data of all patients.

Advantage of 5G technology compared to previous is what will allow for rate data real-time monitoringof billions of people, and it will be controlled – surprise: by artificial ingeligencije (A.I.), whose algorithms and profiling of users of social networks to determine what we eat — or not, and how we live — or our body organs urgently needed a “foreign investor” – people who have enough money to pay for it.

Disclaimer Davos rituals is clear: the world population without national sovereignty, economic independence and personal dignity, reformed into impersonal mass of livestock which is marked with a micro-chip instead of the stamp, whose consciousnessonly is computer input-output information managed by global network via DARPA artificial intelligence hidden in “clouds” of cloud technology.

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