Paintings Gallery

Paintings Gallery

“Art is not just some dirt and oil and creating something from scratch, it’s not just transforming materials – it’s also a way to transform ourselves..”

…usually, Artists learn on Academies – I have learned through my dreams, desire and passion, and also through lots of books, practices and hard work, painted mostly Old Masters copies, also a few other modern Artists that I found amazing – with Art of Painting skills comes first, Art come later – if then, anyway?.

  • I don’t believe that Art of Painting is a kind of privilege reserved only for Academic Artists – like breathing, or Love, the Art is available for all of us who has a need and desire for it…

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„..Kitsch is the opposite of the public space, of the public conversation, of the demand for objectivity and functionality – Kitsch is the intimate space, ourselves, our love and congeniality, our yearnings and our hopes, and also our tears, joys and passions.. Kitsch comes from the creative person’s private space, and speaks to other private spaces – Kitsch deals therefore with giving intimacy dignity..“

Odd Nerdrum – on Kitsch (Manifesto)