Odd Nerdrum: The Self-portrait (2015)

Source: Öde Nerdrum

The Self-portrait


Odd Nerdrum

There is the Idea that Human beings have a period of greatness during their Life, and there lies the Kantian way of thinking, that the only thing that matters is that You are original and find Your own voice..

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  • One could perhaps divide Painters into two categories: those who have something to tell and those who do not. Those who have no Story to tell ought to do as Vermeer did, namely cultivate aesthetics and beauty.

Titian and Rembrandt for example are storrytellers, and their handling of paint is often quite ugly and rough, in contrast to “painters of beauty” such as Vermeer, Terborch and Hammersoi, who realize that they have a small World to work from, and this they manage excellently…

I am always narrative in my Work, with the Goal being that it should be a moment between past and future