Artist Perisa Reljic

Periša Reljić

Just another Anonymous Artist in attempt

  • Perisa Reljic is Artist, Freelancer and Hacktivist from Serbia

I dont belong to any art school,church or any political party, to any organization – and I’m always willing to pay full price for it – that I can stay my ownand independent. I do not believe in anyone, except in myself, and myone true faith is the Art.

My painting is started after a call of a dream – one and only dream which I had in my life – a dream that will never appear on my canvases – instead of dreams, I always give to you through my Canvases “brutal realism”, I give what I have, not just as a Painter – but as my whole life was,without any lies, embellishments, “makeup” …

  • Art – in my opinion –isn’t to paint something that will appeal to everyone and notoffend anyone – a true Art is a Truth, and that is the onlycriterion, liked it or not – and this is my lifestyle and my way ofpainting.

Always and only the Truth – without any compromises


Truth is what everyone is looking for and expect from an Artist, and no onereally does not want to see or to hear it. Lies are always morebeautiful than the Truth, Dreams are always more beautiful thanreality – but the real truth is always more powerful and moreintense, it is the only real value and the ultimate goal, and peopleare willing to forgive almost anything – except the Truth … This“price” I paid all my life, so why would a painting be different:

  • I’m not painting to beflattering

If my style of painting outof fashion, then something is wrong with fashion, not with me …

That some my paintings andlifes motto comes from where and I – from the street, and goessomething like this:

“Nec Spe – Nec Metu”

Sincerely from me,in conclusion, it would be: “I will never be better Caravaggio thanCaravaggio or better Rembrandt from than himself, in Art of painting,I will not be even close to them – the history of art will easily survive without me – I can only give my best to be better – than myself”

My goal is to find out my“language”, my way to express myself – instead of tellingsomeone elses, that this illusion of my rare but powerful dreams, Iturn into a “brutal realism” because I’m still just someone who:

.. Every time I put in a newcanvas on the easel, I feel like a little child before entering thedark room – I never know exactly what in fact there waiting for me…

I do not think that paintingis a privilege, reserved only for the academic painters – even Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, nor many others did not have adiploma, so they did not mind – I have no problem if someone nameme amateur, naive or whatever, I do what I love to do, and I do itmost honest I can. It is time, however, the best judge – it will only rule on everything