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Penetration systems: Parrot OS – installation, functions and settings

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  • To install on newer computers have to resolve UEFI problem and make the partition for the OS Parrot.
  • The very process of installing a Parrot-like in a manner similar to systems Kali Linux or Ubuntu Server.

Penetration systems: Parrot OS – installation, functions and settings

Sliced complete ISO disk inserted and after starting up from F2 or DEL (platform dependent) to enter the settings and choose the boot diskette, which leads us to the initial screen Parrot-a, wherein the down arrow key to rewind ” Install “.

After the ” Enter ” select ” Standard Installer “, and then select the (down arrow) the desired language (Serbian).

  • For those who first installed the system, the movement during installation is done by the arrow (up, down, left, right), press the “Tab” or “Enter”.

After selecting the language of the installation, ” Enter ” brings us a warning that ” The translation of the installer is not komletan for the selected language ,” then the left arrow to select ” Yes ” to continue with the selected language instlalcije ( Enter ).

Selected location to select the time zone (in this case) Serbia, we confirm with “ Enter ” who leads us to configure the keyboard.

Up arrow to rewind to the beginning and “American English” keyboard layout , a Serbian Cyrillic can be added after the installation of the system.

The new ” Enter ” begins the process of copying files and installing the system, and after the detection hardware is typed password (optional) to “root” user . After the password is entered (to remember), with two ” Tab ” -a labeled ” Continue ” ( enter ).

Installation seeks repeat (already entered) password for verification, after which two new “Tab” s need to enter the name (or nickname) of the new user .

After entering a user name, a ” Tab ” and ” Continue ” leads us to use g the name of the new account, but with already entered (the previous form) can be with one ” Tab ” and ” Continue ” to the next step.

After the introduction (another) password for the user using the two “Tab” s moves to the next screen, where (for verification), retype the user password , and after the “ Continue ” starts dekektovanje hardware and download inslacionih package.

The installer brings us to the disk partitioning procedure, where it is important to choose the ” Mode partitioning ” (down arrow) ” Manual ” ( Enter ).

The review currently configured partitions and mount points down arrow to select a saved partition to install a Parrot . ” Enter ” introduces us to adjust the partition, where the first option:

Use as ” to ” Enter ” to enter the option where you choose ” Ext4 journalling file system ” to our new ” Enter ” back to the previous screen.

  • Down arrow to choose:

Format Partition ” ( Enter ) changes in the value of the ” Yes Format is ” a down arrow brings up the changes:

Mount point “, where after the ” Enter ” option is selected

/ – the root file system “, where our new ” Enter ” returns to the previous screen. Other options leave the default, and the down arrow to rewind:

Setting up the partition is almost “, where after the ” Enter ” arrow to rewind:

Finish partionisanje and write changes to disk ” ( without quotes )

The next screen the warning can be ignored and the ” No ” ( without quotes ) proceed to the next step of installation, a further ( SWAP ) memory can be added without any problem later, after the installation is complete .

  • The final step of partitioning the question:

Write down the changes to disk ?” And select ” Yes ” ( Enter ) created Ext4 file system and to install the operating system, which takes 15 minutes.

  • At the end of the installation appears notification instalianju GRUB boot system, which is of crucial importance:

“Install the GRUB boot loader into the master but the record,” which validation of the ” Yes ” and with the ” Enter ” choose the device on which but louder to be set up, arrow to choose something like ” / dev / hda (ata-description hdd) and” Enter ” .

  • After a few minutes of the final script install GRUB boot loader and user settings and passwords, messages appear:

Installation is complete “, and remove the installation media ( Enter ) to ” Continue “.

Restarting the computer brings the GRUB boot loader with a choice of operating systems, where the first place is Parrot OS that starts automatically after 5 seconds if (down arrow) is not set to other (already installed) operating system.

  • After entering the user’s password, the operating system Parrot is accompanied by a pleasant female voice that says:

“Functional Ready”

In the top menu “Applications” (Applications) are divided into:

  • AnonSurf
  • cryptography
  • Parrot
  • tools
  • graphics
  • Sound and recording
  • games
  • Internet
  • Office
  • Other
  • programming
  • system tools

In the top menu ” Places ” is quick access to folders on račnuaru and recently running documents, a menu ” System ” hides Items Administration and Control Center.

An interesting option is to right-click that brings a selection of ” Create Document ” – ” Prog ” ( Assembly, Bash, C, C ++, Java, Pearl, Python, Ruby ), ” Text ” (Calc, Text, Impress, Writter) and ” Web “( CSS, HTML, JavaSript, PHP and XML ) document.

Good News

Of all the proven operating system, OS Parrot is best demonstrated in tesitranju penetration, whose tools are in the “Parrot”.

The default Internet browser’s ” Iceweasel “, and if it look like the FireFox this is because it is a modified version of that prelgedača with increased protection of the anonymity of the user. If desired, you can install Crhomium through the Synaptic package, or Chrome and Opera , which are downloaded from the Internet as a file, and then install the GDebi installer package.

Parrot is best suited anonymous surfing , it is enough in the “ Anon Surf ” click on “ Anonymous Mode Start ” followed by a terminal type the user password and a few seconds after that we are under the protection of the Anonymous tunnels . By running Iceweasel this can be checked via IpLocation.net from anonymous mode Izalzu to “ Applications-Anon Surf> Anonymous Mode Stop , then will I turn off the Parrot internet browser.

Bad News: Troubleshooting

  • Due to a lack of support for drivers (drivers) by the manufacturer, sometimes know how to answer and problems.

On the desktop computer ( Desktop ), depending on the sound card may occur no sound after the “Upgrade” on the system Surround 5.1 . One solution to this problem is ” sudo alsa force-reload ” through the terminal and restart the system.

On newer laptops come depending on the manufacturer may appear problems connecting to wireless internet . The problem is generally solved by installing (or reinstall ) using Sinaptik package manager: firmware, Atheros, firmware, Realtek, Linux-wlan-ng driver.

ifconfig eth0 up

For portable ( laptop ) computers is advisable before installing the system, check the compatibility of wireless connectivity : where to appear Option Wireless connectivity will be no problem in the event that this option has “proguglajte” forum for Ubuntu Linux Troubleshooting WLan .

Slightly smaller reliability of the system BackBox, Parrot OS compensates luxurious box of tools for penetration testing . In the “ Applications – Parrot ” divided into sections of 600 practical tools for “Script Kiddies”:

  • cryptography
  • information Gathering
  • vulnerability Analysis
  • Web Application Testing
  • DataBase Assessment
  • exploitation Tools
  • Post Exploitation
  • Password Attacks
  • Wireless Testing
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Digital Forensics
  • reverse Engineering
  • Reporting and Tools
  • system Services

On the desktop (Desktop) Readme document contains a warning that the use of “arsenal” system Parrot punishable by law in some countries.

The first launch of the terminal “sudo” command brings perhaps the best advice for first-time users of Parrot:

  • Respect the Privacy of others
  • Think before you type
  • With great power comes great Responsibility

What is the cordial message from the author of the text:

With great power comes great responsibility.

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