Chimera on demand

  • Chimera (Χίμαιρα) of mythological creatures legend Homer becomes the embodiment of morbid minds of eugenics.
  • Genetic modification of food passed into the genetic modifkaciju animals and humans have become the next toy engineering.
  • Human organs for transplant are “educated” in animals, and the latest trend of eugenics genetically modified babies – not inevitably only two parents.

Chimera on demand

Epidemy of “zika” virus in Brazil is attributed to GM mosquito Aedes Aegypti, the company “Oxitec” funded by the Bill Gates Foundation. The genetic modification of mosquitoes is only one of many examples of what can go wrong when people play God.

According to new research, genetically modified food is associated with cancer, liver damage, kidney and severe hormonal disorders. The study of French scientists from Caen University demonstrated in controlled conditions direct connection to food treated with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide with the emergence of the disease.

Study Russian scientists led by Dr. Alexey V. Raw, it has shown that GMO foods in the third generation of the tested rats causes infertility. The results of the study confirmed similar independent studies that have been done, scientists in Australia and the United States.

Changing the human DNA record by eating genetically modified organisms has long been no secret, but eugenics impunity continues. Genetically modified third-generation vaccines, which include the notorious MMR modus operandi bionžinjeringa people. The protein form of the vaccine inserted into a human cell “revive” while activating a short DNA chain akin to record cell “host”.

The British Daily Mail has published a 2014 report on the human body in raising sheep and pigs, these organs for transplant into humans. In more than 50 sheep and pigs implanted (Χίμαιρα) human-animal embryo created through the laboratory. Scientists have altered DNA animals to be genetically incapable of forming specific tissues, in what is injected human stem cells to give organ transplant.

The use of human-animal hybrids (Chimera) for receiving the transplant of organs is not new even in America. Two US universities in California and MIT in Minnesota had a 20 “pregnant” human-swine or human-sheep “Chimera” for scientific research project of growing organs for transplant.

After scientists in Britain have raised 150 human-animal embryos (chimera) during the three years of work in secret, came the good news. The competent institution fertiliizaciju and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has officially approved the experiments for the genetic modification of human embryos.

That this is not the end of the morbidity confirmed the so-called “mitochondrial donation” (Mitochondrial donation) which will make the baby a laboratory modification of three parents – or more, if necessary.

Eugenics is the science fiction ofAldous Huxley “brave new world” into reality: genetic programming of humans and plants for babies – assemble the cart and send it to the laboratory to produce a “cocktail”.

  • Sex becomes “politically incorrect” history, a maternity inconvenience may be troubled by a cow or a sheep in charge of the production of your baby.

In the next, or the next two generations there will pharmacological methods for coercing people to love their servitude, to create a dictatorship without tears, to create a painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people who are actually deprived of the freedom to enjoy it, because by propaganda or rinsing the brain, or brainwashing by pharmacological methods to be operated from any desire to rebel. This looks like the final revolution. – Aldous Huxley