Amnesia: The Amnesic Incognito Live System

By: Perisa Reljic | First appear on Septembe 11th 2016

  • World famous American Edward Snowden NSA is done with the help of a little known operating system TAILS:

The Amnesic Incognito Live System

Tails OS is a free Linux distribution Debian written by programmers with a focus on protecting user privacy and security. Unlike operating system Ubuntu or BackBox, Tails OS is not designed to install on your computer, but only as a system that is used on removable media (DVD, USB Flash, SD Card).

Originally launched under the name “Incognito” Tails OS has experienced its first edition in early 2009, in cooperation with the TOR Project. TAILS operating system is designed for investigative journalists, whistleblowers, activists, protesters, military and government Agneta, as well as victims of political persecution, family abuse, and all people aware importance of privacy.

  • That the right to privacy is not a fad or a fashion trend demonstrates the importance that the United Nations dedicated Declaration of Human Rights. In Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UN clearly states that:

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks “

Tails OS is designed and developed as prnenosivi operating system in order to protect the privacy and anonymity of its users. Any cut on DVD or transferred to a USB Flash or SD Card, TAILS operating system will work without major problems on computers X86 architecture. Once the removable media with the operating system removed, will disappear without trace its use on the computer (Amnesia).

TOR as the default browser is responsible for safeguarding the privacy of users on the network, without the possibility of geolocation systems or monitoring activities. Sam Tails monitored TOR upgrade every six weeks, the current version of the system at the time of writing is 2.6. If you already have installed version, refreshment is performed apt-get command.

Any information collected by monitoring the illegal activity on the Internet can be in a repressive regime “big brother” endanger the personal safety of persons. Illegal collection of data is done by abuse of social networks, personal data or abandoned and monitoring of internet search and visit sites on the network.

  • The illegal invasion of privacy can be performed by the administrator of the local network, Internet service provider, or the infamous “three-digit” Agency (NSA, CIA, FBI, BIA, VOA).

Tails acronym “Amnesic” implies that it is the operating system that works solely on RAM memory, and to “amnesia” is coming to the end of the work, when it wipes the entire RAM before turning off the system. There are no records on the hard disk is not virtual (Swap) memory, which has been denied access by using “cold boot” attack and access passwords and encryption keys.

Incognito Options Transport System are responsible for safeguarding privacy by using MAC address spoofing, so no network administrators can see the contents of time. Although there is an option of using unsecure browser (Insecure Browser), it is recommended to access the network only with TOR.

The download link system and documentation are on the website TAILS, and with the operating system comes top TOR, mail client iced client Chat Pidgin, office suite LibreOffice, tools for photo editing (GIMP), graphics (Inkscape) and sound Audacity.

Of great benefit can be KeePassX program, which in addition to preserving the option to generate 164 bit passwords. All necessary for the functioning of the incognito comes with the package, and install additional programs are not recommended due to the reduction of user privacy – for which it was designed and the system.

Each download Tails OS can be checked by verifying the file, after which the recommended burn (burn ISO) to DVD disk. After trying to drive, the operating system is installed on a USB Flash or SD Card option “Tails Installer”, located in the Applications menu.

After you insert a USB flash or SD Card, the recommended option of installing the OS Tails “Install by Cloning”, where the “Target Device” select desired portable device. When installing the operating system, select the “Persistance”, which is a folder for storing permanent documents – all out of this will be permanently deleted when you shut down the system.

Removable media capacity of 8 or 16 GB is enough for The functionality of the system and the storage of personal data. The best solution for speed “boot” has definitely USB Flash and Micro SD Card advantage is that it can seamlessly carry the mobile phone as an external memory and using an adapter inserted into your computer to start the operating system.

  • When choosing a portable media avoid those who have advanced the “cloud backup” – who wants his personal data are in the “cloud” does not use Flash or Tails OS.

In addition to the applications already listed are terminal, calculator, screen PGP keys, screen recorder and MAT – Anonymisation Metadata Toolkit. MAT is responsible for removing all the “metadata” tags with personal documents, eliminating the author, date and time of office documents and cleaning time and geographic location resulting photo.

  • In times of “big brother”, GnuPG to encrypt the document becomes your best friend.

In applications under the “Utilities” is a program for passports and passwords with GnuPG, where the File PGP-Key can easily make do 4096 RSA encryption. The desired document is highlighted, right click select “Encrypt” followed by the selection key and typing paraphrases encrypted data. When you want to unlock the encrypted document, select the right click, select “Open with Decrypt File” after typing paraphrases document opens.

One of the benefits of the operating system Tails is safely and irreversibly remove documents “Wipe” (right mouse click). Among the options is the “Wipe avaliable diskspace” which can be used as a last resort. Whistleblowers and (h) activists which are three-letter agencies legitimate target recommended choice of USB Flash or SD Card smaller – like lakšleg swallowing, preferably next to me have a glass of water just in case? .

Tails OS is aimed at safeguarding the privacy of its users, so that activities on social networks are not options. Pidgin chat client sends each message encrypted key other Recommendation email Hushmail is capable of opening a free account with 25 MB of space.

To create a bootable USB media recommendation is “Rufus” and after transfer to removable media Tails OS starts entering the boot menu and selecting of (boot from USB Flash). Right instliranje system with the option “Persistent” permanent record keeping comes only when using Tails Intaller operating system permanently installed in the “Install by Cloning” feature.

Clicking on the right leads into the setting of sound, lighting, batteries and Wi-Fi network with the “Select Network”. After installation on removable media, Tails OS each time the startup offers two options:

Use Persistance (Yes), where it enters the password using the operating system on which there is “Persistent” folder with permanently stored documents, or

Login (all the way down to the right), which runs only an operating system without the option of access to the stored data.

Internet connection (after Wi-Fi settings) is receiving only when the TOR after the necessary synchronization of the system clock is connected to the Internet, and then in the lower corner appears “Tor is ready”.

Each trail use Tails OS on your computer disappears when you shut down (meaning: Amnesia).

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation